Victoria Hassett
"I quickly became hooked and I’ve loved learning new skills"
I have always been active with golf and running being my main hobbies. I was also a member of a gym for years but was finding myself more and more just walking into the gym, looking around, staring at the equipment having no motivation or clue what to do.

I had heard a lot of amazing stories about CrossFit but assumed I wouldn’t be good enough, I thought everyone would be throwing weights around the gym and that put me off.

Being active and having an overall good level of fitness is important to me both physically and mentally and I did want to improve my upper body strength for golf in particular so after realizing being in the gym on my own wasn’t supporting my goals, I decided to go to a dop in session at Sunbury.

I was nervous I wouldn’t know what to do but every session the coaches have guided me through the movements and I realised it's okay to be a beginner and that I wasn’t alone!

I quickly became hooked and I’ve loved learning new skills. At that moment it's all I think about, I switch off from my day job and I'm working on something completely new.

I still do running outside of Crossfit but now my exercise is varied, it's fun, it's sociable and I'm definitely for the first time in years getting stronger! I was surprised how you can scale every exercise and work up to the movements.

My confidence and understanding have grown as well as my overall fitness. I am using muscles I had no idea how to train and I think even my posture has improved as a result.

I've also learnt how sociable CrossFit can be, especially the weekend classes and there is such a nice group of girls that have welcomed me. Thank you CrossFit Sunbury for kicking my motivation back in and making exercise fun and interesting.
Victoria Hassett
CrossFit Sunbury
"I have seen massive improvements in my health and fitness"
I joined CrossFit Sunbury, November 2016.

I love the general feeling of pushing yourself to the limit in the sessions and the satisfaction when they are completed. It gives the closest ‘buzz’ for me since playing football. The encouragement and technical expertise the coaches provide is always excellent making the small classes personal with lots of feedback.

I have seen massive improvements in my health and fitness. In 2014 my football days had long finished and without that focus, over a 10-year period, I had ballooned from about 80kgs to 115kgs. My excuse was the pressure of work, too many business and social nights out and arthritis in my knees after football-related operations. While I was still doing a bit of weight training it could not make up for my unhealthy lifestyle. CrossFit Sunbury changed my outlook, and I became hooked on attending 3 or 4 sessions a week. I have found 6 am sessions perfect to avoid work impacting my training.

A healthy lifestyle followed as I wanted to improve my performance. I am now back down to about 80kgs and at 58 years old I am fit and healthy. I hate to think what I could have been like. My ability to deal with work and home problems has improved, I believe a direct impact of my improved fitness. In 2014 I would avoid anything like squats or dynamic gym work plus I simply could not run far with significant pain in both knees. CrossFit training now means I can complete decent weight squats and complete all the dynamic training routines plus I can run again.

I have also entered the Sahara Marathon Des Stables in March 2022, which is a 6 day, 250km Ultramarathon across the Sahara Desert. CrossFit has given me the confidence, physically and mentally, to attempt this.

It is hard to exactly describe how much CrossFit has changed my life and I would recommend it for people of all ages and fitness levels .it is a unique environment and if you are consistent it will ensure your training is not a short-term craze and that it will allow you to develop and sustain a long-term healthy lifestyle process.
Andy Martin
CrossFit Sunbury
"My fitness level has massively increased"
I have been a member for just over 3 years the sessions are fun, tough, engaging and challenging!!

My fitness level has massively increased, energy level uplift, dropped waist size, improved mental health and concentration level

CrossFit Sunbury’s community is second to none, everyone is so welcoming from the newest to the oldest member, classes are just the right size whilst the programming is fantastic-very tough but always achievable. The outdoor space that we use for running and some workouts are tremendous in the spring and summer also. We have had some fantastic social events where it is great to meet so many of the members outside of the gym in a relaxed environment
Tom O Brien
CrossFit Sunbury
"Liam and his small team of coaches know every single member"
After 10 years as a professional referee, my training had gone stale and I was having diminishing returns from the work I was putting in. Since phoning Liam at CrossFit Sunbury in July 2017 I have fallen in love with training and the new world that CrossFit has opened up to me.

At CrossFit Sunbury, I have seen and experienced every single positive and rewarding element that the sport offers. Being a smaller gym with smaller classes you not only get great instruction and attention to improving your personal skills and abilities, but also the members make a welcome and engaging community.

This community is really diverse with people of all ages and abilities and has been so rewarding to be part of this gym for this reason.

Liam and his small team of coaches know every single member, what their abilities are, and what they are trying to get out of each session. The sessions themselves are incredibly varied and Liam is superb and altering these, tailoring them to each individual. This is what makes this place so very special.

Even as someone with experience in training and everything it entails, I was nervous about some of the lifts and workouts that would come. Liam and his coaches absolutely made this no problem, everything would be to the right level but for me, that level was as challenging as I needed it to be.

As a result of regular attendance and work with CrossFit Sunbury I have over the past three years recorded far and away my best scores in my professional world, both in the testing of physical abilities and in body composition, this is a direct result of the work at this box.

I fully, and with no hesitation in endorsing CrossFit training with Liam at Sunbury. This is for all ages and abilities to both to achieve better fitness results but also to be part of a wonderful and supportive community.
JP Doyle
"We’ve made really good friends and get on well with everyone at Sunbury"
My wife and I joined Sunbury CrossFit around five years ago. We were apprehensive at first given we were not that fit at the time and it looked from the outside to be intimidating.

However, Liam, the trainers and all the others at the box were super friendly and welcoming. We started with an induction session and had a good level of one-on-one advice given the small groups in each session (typically max of 10 people) which allowed us to get up to speed quickly. New joiners are at different levels of fitness, age, etc but that’s completely fine. There’s a good mix of sessions, including strength training, cardio and yoga – there is something for everyone.

We’ve made really good friends and get on well with everyone at Sunbury, it’s a friendly, supportive but challenging environment with a good level of banter led by the coaches including Liam, Amrit and Jesse. Both of us are all-around fitter and stronger than when we first joined and our lifting techniques have improved over time – this is despite us being five years older! We’ve even managed to fit this around having children.

I’ve certainly found training when I can and on video helpful during the lockdown, in terms of getting fit and more importantly from a mental wellbeing viewpoint. We would definitely recommend it for someone looking to get fitter, develop a new skill and balance other aspects of their lives (e.g. work/kids).
Kajen and Meera

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