CrossFit Class

A traditional CrossFit class. Classes are designed to help all areas of fitness including strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility and coordination. We use a range of methods to achieve this including – but not exclusive to – your own body weight, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and cardio equipment such as the Concept2 rower and bike.

What will I achieve from attending these classes?:

Build lean muscle, lose body fat and improve confidence and skills.

With regular attendance you can expect to become a better athlete (this is a term we use for all of our members because we consider you all athletes) which means you’ll be able to perform any given physical task better (basically we are teaching you to fulfil your physical potential!)

Who is it for?:

Anyone looking to improve all-round, balanced strength and fitness. These classes cater for any age, shape, size or fitness level, because all workouts are scaled to meet your own personal needs. You will be able to choose from a range of levels to depending on where you are with your health and fitness levels now, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you find you’re able to progress. We welcome absolutely everyone and love helping all our members to thrive.

CrossFit Conditioning

These classes are designed to make you sweat and involves 2-3 high-intensity workouts with a focus on bodyweight movements, running, rowing, kettlebell and dumbbell work. We programme these classes to ensure your full body is targeted. Within this class there is a limited focus on strength development and the primary aim is to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

What will I achieve from attending this class?:

This class is really good fun to attend and one of our most popular offerings. Exercising in this way stimulates endorphin release, making you feel really good afterwards! With regular attendance you can expect to notice improvement in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance and better movement in general.

Who is it for?:

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness, no matter what your fitness level is at the moment.

Anyone who wants to see a change in body shape.

Anyone who is looking for improved lean muscle tone and strength

Partner WOD

This popular class takes place on a Friday and gives a good opportunity for members to work together in pairs of similar ability. It follows the same format as a typical CrossFit class but the WOD is programmed to challenge each pair to the maximum!

No need to find a partner, we’ll do this for you!

Team WOD

Our Team WOD takes place on a Saturday morning and is an excellent way for members to get to know each other and develop skills in strategy in completing a WOD in a team of 3 or 4. Here communication skills, mental strength as well as physical fitness are needed. This is an great way for all members to exercise in a fun environment whilst enjoying working in a team of similar abilities. As with all WODs, the exercises are scaled to meet individual needs.

Olympic Weightlifting

This is a class to improve confidence and technique in both Olympic lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch. In this class the skills required to be proficient in these lifts are worked on and the lifts themselves are practiced under the watchful eye of the coach. There is no WOD in this class, just plenty of barbell lifting.

Open Gym

Our open gym is designed to give members and opportunity to come and train and work on their skills that they are developing in classes. This is a great opportunity to work with a coach to develop and refine skills that are being acquired in regular sessions. This may include the Olympic lifts or gymnastic movements such as pull-ups or handstands.

Gymnastic Skills

In these classes we spend a whole hour helping you improve and develop your gymnastic skills which in turn makes you better CrossFitter! There is a different focus each week and whether you are a gymnastic novice or gymnastic ninja you will benefit.

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